Which Type Of Restaurant Should I Open?

Conceptualizing Your Restaurant!

The only way to differentiate your restaurant from others is getting a unique theme. To get to your theme I suggest you should have a look at all the existing themes in the market after you have zeroed on the Location for your restaurant.

(For more ideas on location finding, watch the Video above)

Only then can you derive your Uniqueness and differentiate it from others.

For the coming month, Go out and visit at-least 3 new restaurants each week. Research on internet and find unusual concept restaurants. Visit those restaurants and Jot down what is unique in them.

Summary :

  • Decide Which Type Of Restaurant You Want To Open
  • Take Your Budget Into Consideration.
  • Go For It!

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GOPAL KAMATH started working with his father in a small restaurant in Mumbai,INDIA and went on to create a chain of restaurants’ of his own. He then started helping individuals passionate about owning their own restaurants and guided them to achieve their dream business. Over the past 10 years, Gopal Kamath has helped innumerable individuals with their Restaurant Business. His mission is to create One Million successful restaurateurs in coming 10 years.