Discovery Day With Gopal Kamath


A Discovery Day with Gopal Kamath
Usually booked by people Eager to Open their Own Restaurant/ Cafe/ Outlet in coming months or want to understand the project in depth and get a Elaborate Plan of action on proceeding to build the project.
Here is what it includes:
* Want to Know More about the Restaurant Industry In Depth!
* A Visit to the Location/Site/Property.
* An In depth discussion with you to together create a Plan of Action.
* Visiting the Nearby Competitors and understanding their Concept,Pricing and Target Clientele.
* Coming Up With an Approximate Type of Concept for your Restaurant.
* Giving an Approximate Idea about the Capital Investment for your Restaurant.
* Getting a Overall View about the Functioning of the Restaurant Business,Its Profitability etc.
* Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of running a Restaurant Business.

Kindly Note that Travel Expenses to your Location, Food and other out of pocket expenses are extra and shall be charged as per actual.