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After twenty years of running restaurants of my own I'm  proud to share this Roadmap containing the      

7 Most Important Tips for Creating Your Successful Restaurant Business and Living A lifestyle Of Your Dreams!

Who Is Gopal Kamath?

GOPAL KAMATH started working with his father in a small restaurant in Mumbai,INDIA and went on to create a chain of restaurants’ of his own. He then started helping individuals passionate about owning their own restaurants and guided them to achieve their dream business. Over the past 10 years, Gopal Kamath has helped innumerable individuals with their Restaurant Business. His mission is to create One Million successful restaurateurs in coming 10 years.

We were trying to Open a Restaurant from the past 11 months and failed at it. You Helped us get it open within 3 months. Your Strategies and Guidance has helped FOODIE Restaurant become the Number ONE Restaurant In Chiplun, Ratnagiri generating a Monthly Sale of above 9 Lacs.

 Gopal, thank you so much for your Help and I am Grateful.

You have changed My Life.

Rohit More-Owner Foodie Restaurant Chiplun

GOPAL KAMATH helped us open a successful indusrial catering kitchen within 4 months and his experience and valueble insights helped us run our business profitably!

Mridula Agarwal - Director - Soulcare Hospitality Pvt Ltd.


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